Saturday, December 10, 2011

Failure is not End of the World.

It had been while that I had not updated my Facebook status. Just to know how active I was in Facebook, I login my profile and went through my recent activity from last 3 months. I had updated my status for four times and quite few comments to my friend. I was not active in facebook and along with that I was out of contact with most of my friends. That means I was technically hibernating. I was trying to be out of reach with my friends, I don't remember I had called any of my friends in last three months just to talk with them and said any of my story. Some of those days I did realized that there was something wrong but was not able to realize what was that. I was into myself, I was just thinking about myself. I didn't passed my RN test for the first time, and turned my family and my love down. I was ashamed and not even able to trust myself for few of those days. But, all those unconditional love that my parents,my family, my husband and my co-workers gave to me encouraged me to think forward. I was able to think positive,I was able to focus on my study again. I learned the lesson that failure is not the end of world, it is an opportunity for you to learn something new, it is an lesson that teaches you how to handle your stress and how to prepare for the worst. Thank you so much all for continuous love and support. You all deserved for this day. Hence here is the day, day have came. I trusted on myself for the second time too, hence I was prepared for the second time, I was prepared for the best and worst. Today my parents can proudly say that their daughter is an RN, my husband can proudly say that his wife is RN. After all those childhood memories and stories, all those lonely days in school dorm, all those nursing classes, up and downs during school years, stressful moments in front of books and computer,had been fruitful today. Hence, just want to say all those who have failed for any time, please don't loose your trust, don't ever give up we all can do it, it does not matter how you did it, it only matter you can do it. So trust on yourself and trust on GOD, God will never let you down and so does your friends and family.