Saturday, December 10, 2011

Failure is not End of the World.

It had been while that I had not updated my Facebook status. Just to know how active I was in Facebook, I login my profile and went through my recent activity from last 3 months. I had updated my status for four times and quite few comments to my friend. I was not active in facebook and along with that I was out of contact with most of my friends. That means I was technically hibernating. I was trying to be out of reach with my friends, I don't remember I had called any of my friends in last three months just to talk with them and said any of my story. Some of those days I did realized that there was something wrong but was not able to realize what was that. I was into myself, I was just thinking about myself. I didn't passed my RN test for the first time, and turned my family and my love down. I was ashamed and not even able to trust myself for few of those days. But, all those unconditional love that my parents,my family, my husband and my co-workers gave to me encouraged me to think forward. I was able to think positive,I was able to focus on my study again. I learned the lesson that failure is not the end of world, it is an opportunity for you to learn something new, it is an lesson that teaches you how to handle your stress and how to prepare for the worst. Thank you so much all for continuous love and support. You all deserved for this day. Hence here is the day, day have came. I trusted on myself for the second time too, hence I was prepared for the second time, I was prepared for the best and worst. Today my parents can proudly say that their daughter is an RN, my husband can proudly say that his wife is RN. After all those childhood memories and stories, all those lonely days in school dorm, all those nursing classes, up and downs during school years, stressful moments in front of books and computer,had been fruitful today. Hence, just want to say all those who have failed for any time, please don't loose your trust, don't ever give up we all can do it, it does not matter how you did it, it only matter you can do it. So trust on yourself and trust on GOD, God will never let you down and so does your friends and family.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I need a butterfly to be tattooed in my body

It's been a while I asked Mom if I could get a tattoo. Her response was "no" nothing more than that. After that I had not asked mom about the tattoo. If i ever get permission from mom and my hubby, I will have a butterfly to be tattooed in my body. Why butterfly?, I think butterfly can represent me. I flied all the way from family, country when I was young. As butterfly makes people happy and fresh, I try to make people smile and want to see all happy. And not the last I want to fly freely like a butterfly where there is not any stress.
So what will be the color: I already have a color in my mind that is mixture of blue and red since, blue is a symbol of peace and red is a symbol of love. Love and peace are complimentary with each other.
What will be the state of butterfly: flying butterfly
Where in body: not decided, still having discussion with my hubby that will never end and I will never get it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I am a Rebellion

"I am a rebellion but I still do respect my culture, religion, tradition, and my people." Smita Sharma

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

25th Birthday

Yesterday, October 31st was a great day for me. 25th Birthday I enjoyed it, cried due to happiness and everything. Surprise from my Husband, Brothers and sweet Bhawana was great. I loved it, I was shocked when I saw you three (Amit, Bhawana and Yogesh at 12 in the morning). Only option that I had left after seeing all the love from my co-workers was to cry. I cried for love and affection that they showed to me. Overall it was a great day. Thank you all for love and support you all are giving to me. Thank you my dear and lovely husband for everything, for delicious dinner that you made last night. Also Thank you for all my facebook friends who send me a warm birthday wishes. That what I need at this time, blessing and love.
At last thank god for the blessings.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Got a New Motto for the Foundation

" सुनौलो बर्तमान लागी स्वर्णिम प्रयास"


Please comment how you all like, please give some suggestions
thank you all.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kaplan vs Hurst NCLEX review course

Two most popular review course for NCLEX here in United States are Kaplan Review course and Hurst Review course. Most of the nursing graduates are confused to decide which course to take. I passed my NCLEX in the second attempt. I took my first course from Hurst and second from Kaplan (Both online). I found both of the courses different in their own way. Here are the differences that I found between Kaplan and Hurst.

1) The video lectures of the Hurst review are very detailed and the instructor is very energetic. It is very easy to follow the lecture. However, if you are confident enough that you know the materials, K will be the great source for revision since their course teach you how to read the questions and how to answer.

2) Decision tree provided by Kaplan is most important part of
Kaplan review, I loved it and used decision tree for answering each and every questions while practicing questions and also while taking examination for board.

Kaplan has detailed and too much information while Hurst has specific and concise information sometimes feels limited.

Kaplan teaches about critical thinking while I did not find in Hurst review, keep in mind that although critical thinking is necessary for test it is more important in real world.

5) Price: I can understand most of you are thinking about cost.
Kaplan is little expensive than Hurst, my suggestion is choose the one that fits for you, price is worth it in both cases.

Since I passed my NCLEX after taking
Kaplan review course I will give 100% for Kaplan and 95% for Hurst. I felt Hurst review needs to include more information about critical thinking. To decide the right one it's your own call but be confident and give your test you will do great. Make the plans before hand, I would say at least 2 months. And ya NCLEX is very very very, did I emphasize enough, different than exit exam.

Most important tip I can give is don't be over-confident, trust in yourself and get enough rest before test day. Here are the links for the both courses site.

Hurst Review
Kaplan Review

Free NCLEX RN Practice Questions

Friends here are some great websites for NCLEX questions Practice.

Kaplan's original video about the exam
Before going through the list below you might want to go through the video in the following link. This site is not the question bank site but it is a great video that I found yesterday.  This Kaplan video by Barbara Irwin, MSN, RN will be really helpful for you all. First video is overall about the NCLEX test and will help to decline your stress and fear, and will answers lots of questions that are arising in your mind about NCLEX exam itself.
Kaplan's Video about NCLEX test itself

Kaplan Style 45 question, enjoy short but very helpful question

NCLEX 3500 (You can try 3500 NCLEX questions at once... or can make your own exam from 3500 questions bank)
NCLEX 3500 

Practice Quiz (165 total questions) 
It is available in study mode and quiz mode learn how you want to learn.

Nursing Board Exam Reviewer /Nclex sample test
Answer Key
(Above resources referred from

NCLEX Trainer Questions 
Trainer 1
Trainer 2
Trainer 3
Trainer 4
Trainer 5
Trainer 6
Trainer 7 

(Above resources referred from

Hurst Review lectures
Hurst review is another source of information or class you can take for NCLEX RN preparation. I have listed hurst lectures that I could find. These lectures reviews are really interesting and will help to understand the content. Enjoy

Decision Tree (Similar to Kaplan)
one of the most important resource that I had during my NCLEX preparation is decision tree, this is really helpful for those who knows the content but does not know how to answer the questions. Hope it will help you. 
 Decision tree

150 Free NCLEX questions with some rationale from ProProfs Web school. 
 ProProfs 150 free NCLEX questions with Rationales

 Test ( Kaplan's more test questions)
 4 test

Some more Questions
 RN- Pedia 

Most Popular Courses for NCLEX preparation with Guaranteed positive results are
 Hurst Review
 Kaplan Review

NCLEX Masters
I found a new link for more practice questions, just follow the link and download the PDF file it has 150 free NCLEX questions with answers and strategy. I tried it before I posted and it works.
NCLEX- Masters

NCLEX RN notes:
Great book with detailed information total of 281 pages, but it has great information, no questions though
NCLEX RN notes

NCLEX RN study guide 
This is another link with RN resources, does have lots of information about the RN test and study materials. Total of 199 pages if you just want to jump to question bank, question bank start from page 155 and there are 62 total questions with answers at the end
NCLEX RN Study Guide

NCLEX practice questions from
Please follow the below link for multiple practice questions, you will find great questions with various practice tests. Enjoy
Nurse-lab, free NCLEX practice questions

Kaplan's Free RN Prep Seminars and Classes.

Good luck

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"You are Angel without wings"

Twelve hours shift was done, I was ready to leave the floor. I gave the shift report and went to say good bye for each patient whom I cared for that night.One of my patient's daughter told me" Thank you so much for everything, my dad was very happy for your care and kindness, you are Angel without wings." I started thinking how does I look like and went to bathroom to look at my face and realized she was not talking about my facial beauty, she was talking about my work and my beautiful mind which is always tempered to help sick and needy people. After her words I realized that I had made right decision in my life, because I have something in my heart. I have something gifted, along with that I have a angel hand which helps to cure the disease of sick people. In my opinion although developed technology had helped a lot to cure the disease but, some of the disease could be cured from good thoughts, behavior and great caring hands. And it all depends on who your care giver is when you are dependent on someone during your last moments of life.I felt something when he hold my hand tight and was blessing me for my great future and blessing for me and my husband although he never know my personal life in depth and even he don't know my husband. Getting blessed from mature and aged person like him is considered one of the accomplishment in life at least in my culture.Thank you so much for his blessing and again thank you so much for making me realize that, decision to become a nurse, was a great decision in my life and it is my passion to care of sick and needy.
For sure I am going to give a best care to my patients but, I need a right path that I am looking for, how I need to give my care in a best way. For sure I will get help from everyone, my teachers, preceptor, my family and my friends as well.
Thank you everyone.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture can speak itself.

Picture speaks itself, my happiness, readiness for a real life and also starting of married life within few weeks, I am happy for everything and could proudly say I am satisfied with myself.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Holding hand could help curing the disease...............

I love to care people and be with them when they are really in need. I don't care where they are from, who they are and what they do. Only thing that is in my mind is they need to care for them for their quality of life. " Can you please sit with me for a while, I don't feel comfortable, I am sacred". A 92 years old lady wanted me in the middle of night when she waked up from her sleep, she was anxious asked to call her husband so that she can talk with him. I felt it would not be a best option to call him in middle of night, hence, decided to to sit down with her and give her a company. I was with her for good 15 minutes holding her hands. It helped her a lot, her anxiety level was down and she went back to sleep. She was blessed to have me there with her holding her hands and listening her story. She is a cute little lady with sweet smile, I feel comfortable every time when I enter her room. I can feel her reasons for asking me a sip of water every time when I enter the room, so that I could spend some time with her in the room and be with her.
Advancement of medical technology had helped a lot to improve health of older adults but, still we lack in basic needs of patients who are in the hospital. They are all alone in the hospital by themselves in a small room, they do have a room mate but they are not able to see each other during their entire stay in hospital. Health care provider are too busy, they see their physicians only when they have a serious problem and their nurses when they are ready to get their medications and get nursing care.
In this environment they really need some friends to talk with, hence yesterday I realized that being with patients even for couple of minutes, listening their story can help them to relax and decrease their anxiety level along with that holding their hand can help them a lot to relax. It was a great experience to work with my cute little lady.
Thank you god for showing the right path that is choosing nursing as my profession, it is my passion and life. Thank you all for supporting me and my thoughts.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why they have curtain in between the patients in hospital......

Privacy, is one of the best reason behind the curtain between the patients in hospital. Although two patients are in the same room during their hospital stay they could never see each other. While I was in duty yesterday I was thinking why don't they open the curtain between the patients when they are not doing any procedures. Although, people do not have same life, same history they could be a great friends even when they are in hospital. Talking with each other can help patient to express their feelings, their anxiety and help to relief their pain and have quality of time without thinking their recent health problems.

I cured for two patients in hospital today, both were old age female, admitted to hospital one day apart and for sure they will be together in the room for a while, unless they get critically ill.Both of them were admitted to unit due their fall. I was thinking they could be a good friends at least when they are in hospital. But, I never saw that curtain opened for them and for sure that will not open. Both of them will wonder and think about each other when they are there.

Why we do this, I think we are applying more precautions than we are supposed to be, not only the psych patients need support group, activities and relation building every patient in hospital need it. Although they are sick they want to live their normal life. they need someone to talk with although they are in hospital. I can dream the day when there will not be curtain hanging on between two patients unless there is privacy involved.

thank you