Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I need a butterfly to be tattooed in my body

It's been a while I asked Mom if I could get a tattoo. Her response was "no" nothing more than that. After that I had not asked mom about the tattoo. If i ever get permission from mom and my hubby, I will have a butterfly to be tattooed in my body. Why butterfly?, I think butterfly can represent me. I flied all the way from family, country when I was young. As butterfly makes people happy and fresh, I try to make people smile and want to see all happy. And not the last I want to fly freely like a butterfly where there is not any stress.
So what will be the color: I already have a color in my mind that is mixture of blue and red since, blue is a symbol of peace and red is a symbol of love. Love and peace are complimentary with each other.
What will be the state of butterfly: flying butterfly
Where in body: not decided, still having discussion with my hubby that will never end and I will never get it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I am a Rebellion

"I am a rebellion but I still do respect my culture, religion, tradition, and my people." Smita Sharma

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

25th Birthday

Yesterday, October 31st was a great day for me. 25th Birthday I enjoyed it, cried due to happiness and everything. Surprise from my Husband, Brothers and sweet Bhawana was great. I loved it, I was shocked when I saw you three (Amit, Bhawana and Yogesh at 12 in the morning). Only option that I had left after seeing all the love from my co-workers was to cry. I cried for love and affection that they showed to me. Overall it was a great day. Thank you all for love and support you all are giving to me. Thank you my dear and lovely husband for everything, for delicious dinner that you made last night. Also Thank you for all my facebook friends who send me a warm birthday wishes. That what I need at this time, blessing and love.
At last thank god for the blessings.