Monday, July 25, 2011

Kaplan vs Hurst NCLEX review course

Two most popular review course for NCLEX here in United States are Kaplan Review course and Hurst Review course. Most of the nursing graduates are confused to decide which course to take. I passed my NCLEX in the second attempt. I took my first course from Hurst and second from Kaplan (Both online). I found both of the courses different in their own way. Here are the differences that I found between Kaplan and Hurst.

1) The video lectures of the Hurst review are very detailed and the instructor is very energetic. It is very easy to follow the lecture. However, if you are confident enough that you know the materials, K will be the great source for revision since their course teach you how to read the questions and how to answer.

2) Decision tree provided by Kaplan is most important part of
Kaplan review, I loved it and used decision tree for answering each and every questions while practicing questions and also while taking examination for board.

Kaplan has detailed and too much information while Hurst has specific and concise information sometimes feels limited.

Kaplan teaches about critical thinking while I did not find in Hurst review, keep in mind that although critical thinking is necessary for test it is more important in real world.

5) Price: I can understand most of you are thinking about cost.
Kaplan is little expensive than Hurst, my suggestion is choose the one that fits for you, price is worth it in both cases.

Since I passed my NCLEX after taking
Kaplan review course I will give 100% for Kaplan and 95% for Hurst. I felt Hurst review needs to include more information about critical thinking. To decide the right one it's your own call but be confident and give your test you will do great. Make the plans before hand, I would say at least 2 months. And ya NCLEX is very very very, did I emphasize enough, different than exit exam.

Most important tip I can give is don't be over-confident, trust in yourself and get enough rest before test day. Here are the links for the both courses site.

Hurst Review
Kaplan Review


Govind Soni said...

Should I start from my early time (first year of BSN) for NCLEX?
what is scope in Nursing Instructor & Nurse Anaesthetic?

smita sharma said...

Govind ji... It is never early to start or to explore information about NCLEX, usually most of the students starts on fourth year.
Here in United States there is great scope of Nurse Anesthesiologist also we do need nursing professors too.

Govind Soni said...

So which will suit best for me ..
(As I wanna to earn A LOT :) )
Thanks in advance .

smita sharma said...

Govind ji... its up to your interest and what you want to do and what you love to do. Money is sure a driven cause to decide a career but It need to interest you too.That is what I think. I think Nurse Anesthesiologist might make more than a nursing instructor but you have to do more research on that.

Govind Soni said...

I hear references in regards to "the golden days of working as a CRNA being over" - What did the golden days look like? Is the have been past ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Smita, i have graduated from India took Nclex RN two times and failed. do you have any suggestions for me. i took Kaplan but still failed. i've go no idea what to do now. Plz let me know if you think there is a better study program that will help me pass the Nclex RN.... thank you!

Clarissa Diaz said...

Hi smita!i love your site and i even included it on my homepage..i just have one question,was the kaplan trainer 1 to 7 found here same as the kaplan trainer provided in kaplan course?im asking coz i aready have the kaplan 1 to 7 and printed it but if it was different provided on the course itself...i will enroll.thank u!