Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I need a butterfly to be tattooed in my body

It's been a while I asked Mom if I could get a tattoo. Her response was "no" nothing more than that. After that I had not asked mom about the tattoo. If i ever get permission from mom and my hubby, I will have a butterfly to be tattooed in my body. Why butterfly?, I think butterfly can represent me. I flied all the way from family, country when I was young. As butterfly makes people happy and fresh, I try to make people smile and want to see all happy. And not the last I want to fly freely like a butterfly where there is not any stress.
So what will be the color: I already have a color in my mind that is mixture of blue and red since, blue is a symbol of peace and red is a symbol of love. Love and peace are complimentary with each other.
What will be the state of butterfly: flying butterfly
Where in body: not decided, still having discussion with my hubby that will never end and I will never get it.

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