Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good luck new graduates

Good luck all new graduates and anyone around the world who is planning to take NCLEX test. NCLEX is not an easy test neither horrible, you need to make sure that you read questions closely, make sure to go through all the options although you are 100% sure about the answer, don't jump to the conclusion. Every one of you is smart and intelligent because graduating from nursing school is not a cup of tea, but we still need to go through the test to prove that you can deliver safe and effective nursing care, able to prioritize the problems. Just relax and answer every questions individually, it does not matter how many questions you have to take 75 or 265, also it does not matter how many times you have to take a test, it does only matters you passed or not, and sure you all will do great.
Good luck all.....praying for all you.
Enjoy the free NCLEX practice questions: Free NCLEX RN practice questions

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