Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pearsonvue Trick for NCLEX

Just done with your NCLEX test ? Worried about the results?, I will not pay extra money to know the result, here the trick that it is almost accurate.

Try to re-register at Pearson-vue website, if you get the message 'our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time. That means you passed. if you do not get message and go straight to the credit card information page, that means you did not pass.

I tried it when I tested for NCLEX and it worked, it's working for almost everyone who is giving test this year.

Good luck and have a great carrier in Nursing.

For free NCLEX practice questions follow the link you can find thounds of practice questions for free including HURST and Kaplan resources. Enjoy
Free NCLEX practice questions


Technical Blusher said...

Hi Smita ji,

Thank you for your post related to NCLEX. Me also want to take NCLEX exam.Is it possible to take NCLEX from Nepal using Pearson VUE? pls reply and pls help.


smita sharma said...

Dikshya ji,
You are most welcome, Right now there are no testing center for NCLEX examination in Nepal, but they do have in India. India have various locations and nearest one is in New Delhi.. here is the address

Pearson Professional Centers-New Delhi,
4th Floor, Building No.18, Ramnath House
Yusuf Sarai Community Centre,
Above HDFC Bank,
Delhi / New Delhi
Delhi 110049

if you want to look for more location in Indiana follow the link below

Govind Soni said...

Hi dee! Good evening from Bikaner.
I amBSN 1st yr student. Wanna settale in USA or CANADA after my degree. But didn't know exactly what to do after passing NCLEX RN. Please Guide

Govind Soni said...

Please guide Me :-)
Your Sincerely.