Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beauty of small hospital.

      Today at work, I was able to see almost every aspect of life.  I took care of an 8-months patient who is learning how to hold bottle for his survival, got opportunity to take care of 84-years old lady who has to call for a nurse even for a sip of water. I did hear a story of a veteran who served for the country. Today someone is serving for him and he feels embarrassed about the situation and really thankful for the nurses and staff for the great care. I took care of a pleasant gentleman who heard the news that he is free from cancer after part of his organ was removed. On top of all that I took care of a patient who got diagnosed with cancer which is not curable and there is nothing in this world that could make him happy today. 
       At the end of the day I questioned myself what kind of nurse I am. Today I had a surgical patient, medical patient, I had an ortho patient and surely I had a pediatric. I am a pediatric nurse but I get chance to take care of wide range of population which is the beauty of a small hospital. Although management and administration try to allocate specific area for the patients, sometimes it's not possible and floor nurse end up having fun with gathering lots of experience. At the end of the day, it does not matter where you work and whom you take care of, it matters how much you affected the life of that specific person with your good deed. 

      To all nurses anywhere in the world... love what you do, try to make a space on each and every person's heart and care like your family member, you never know when your grandmother might end up next door. 

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Govind Soni said...

:-) me too going on the same way ..