Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why they have curtain in between the patients in hospital......

Privacy, is one of the best reason behind the curtain between the patients in hospital. Although two patients are in the same room during their hospital stay they could never see each other. While I was in duty yesterday I was thinking why don't they open the curtain between the patients when they are not doing any procedures. Although, people do not have same life, same history they could be a great friends even when they are in hospital. Talking with each other can help patient to express their feelings, their anxiety and help to relief their pain and have quality of time without thinking their recent health problems.

I cured for two patients in hospital today, both were old age female, admitted to hospital one day apart and for sure they will be together in the room for a while, unless they get critically ill.Both of them were admitted to unit due their fall. I was thinking they could be a good friends at least when they are in hospital. But, I never saw that curtain opened for them and for sure that will not open. Both of them will wonder and think about each other when they are there.

Why we do this, I think we are applying more precautions than we are supposed to be, not only the psych patients need support group, activities and relation building every patient in hospital need it. Although they are sick they want to live their normal life. they need someone to talk with although they are in hospital. I can dream the day when there will not be curtain hanging on between two patients unless there is privacy involved.

thank you