Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"You are Angel without wings"

Twelve hours shift was done, I was ready to leave the floor. I gave the shift report and went to say good bye for each patient whom I cared for that night.One of my patient's daughter told me" Thank you so much for everything, my dad was very happy for your care and kindness, you are Angel without wings." I started thinking how does I look like and went to bathroom to look at my face and realized she was not talking about my facial beauty, she was talking about my work and my beautiful mind which is always tempered to help sick and needy people. After her words I realized that I had made right decision in my life, because I have something in my heart. I have something gifted, along with that I have a angel hand which helps to cure the disease of sick people. In my opinion although developed technology had helped a lot to cure the disease but, some of the disease could be cured from good thoughts, behavior and great caring hands. And it all depends on who your care giver is when you are dependent on someone during your last moments of life.I felt something when he hold my hand tight and was blessing me for my great future and blessing for me and my husband although he never know my personal life in depth and even he don't know my husband. Getting blessed from mature and aged person like him is considered one of the accomplishment in life at least in my culture.Thank you so much for his blessing and again thank you so much for making me realize that, decision to become a nurse, was a great decision in my life and it is my passion to care of sick and needy.
For sure I am going to give a best care to my patients but, I need a right path that I am looking for, how I need to give my care in a best way. For sure I will get help from everyone, my teachers, preceptor, my family and my friends as well.
Thank you everyone.


Govind Soni said...

Nice experience dee! I would like to make a documentary on basis of your story… :-)

smita sharma said...

Thank you so much Govind Ji... really appreciate it